Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 3 Answers 2021

Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 3 Answers 2021:-In this post we have provided the answers to the Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 3 of 2021.

Q1. ____________are such abstract ideas that cannot be measured directly but can be inferred by measuring some relevant or correlated behavior.
Answer:- Constructs
Q2. Quota Sampling is a type of _____________sampling.
3. By increasing the sample size, which type of error can be reduced?
4. A researcher was collecting data. One respondent was not in a good mood to fill the responses, the researcher couldn’t notice that and nevertheless, collected the data from him. The data collected above have high chances of being affected from-
5. “Mark your opinion for the following statement- College ABC is a popular and high quality delivering educational institute.”
This is an example of-
6. Variables other than independent variables which affect the response of the test units are called______________.
Answer:- Extraneous Variables 
7. In which of the following types of experimental design, the researcher has the freedom of randomly assigning the test units to the experiment group?

Answer:- True-Experimental Design
8. A case where it would be unethical to provide or withhold a treatment on a random basis, __________experiment is not feasible. In this case, a __________is suitable to test same causal relationship without the ethical issues.
Answer:- True Experiment, Quasi Experiment
9. A researcher is developing a scale. As an initial step, he wishes to ensure that the items measuring a construct fairly represent such construct and what seeks to measure. The researcher is precisely looking for which type of validity?
Answer:- Content Validity
10. Which of the following is the basic minimum that must be present in an experiment before any conclusion can be made?

Answer:- Internal validity

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