Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 1 Answers 2021

Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 1 Answers 2021:-In this post we have provided the answers to Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 1 of 2021.

Q1. Marketing Research helps in- 
     i. Identifying & defining market opportunities and problems
     ii. Monitoring marketing performance
     iii. Generating, refining & evaluating marketing actions 
2. Marketing research links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through __________. 
Answer:- b
3. Sales analysis research is a type of _________ research. 
Answer:- c
4. In Cohort analysis, cohort means- 
Answer:- c
5. _____________refers to the framework or blueprint of how the marketing research is to be conducted.
Answer:- d
6. A longitudinal research is a type of ____________research design. 
Answer:- b
7. Experiment method is widely used in which type of research design?
Answer:- b
8. The following criticism – “no amount of empirical data will necessarily enable theory building” is raised for which of the following research approach?
Answer:- c
9. If the researcher wants to understand subconscious emotions of consumers regarding a product, which of the following would be better?
Answer:- c
10. Which of the following approach is about developing a hypothesis based on some existing theory?

Answer:- b

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