NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 2 Assignment Answers

NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 2 Assignment Answers:- In this post, we have provided the answers to the NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 2. All the answers are provided here on the basis of data available on the internet.

NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 2 Assignment Answers 2022

Q1. In which type of planning we find it is need to keep identifying alternative courses of action that can be implemented when the original plan proves inadequate because of changing circumstances.?
Answer:- (d) Contingency planning
Q2. How many steps are involved in the process of planning?
Answer:- (c) 10
Q3. In some organisations management thinks planning will bring all objectives fulfilled which neglects their real work and efficiency and adverse effect is being faced by the organisation. What type of limitations of planning is it?

Answer:- (b) Planning does not ensure success
Q4. Managing risk is essential to bring out success of an organization. Sometimes unforeseen events occur which required to deal immediately. In doing all these, the need of ————-is gradually increasing. Fill up the blank

Answer:- (b) planning
Q5. Where do we find; all objectives are set by the leaders of the organisation as they are at the top level of the organisation and have clear understanding of the organisation to outline where they want to see the organisation?
Answer:- (d) traditional objective setting
Q6. How many major areas of traditional objective setting have your learnt from the lecture?
Answer:- (b) Eight
Q7. In which period the strategic management largely dealt with size growth and portfolio theory as it shifted from planning to a strategy?

Answer:- (c) 1970s
Q8. Which of the followings is one of the components of strategic management?
Answer:- (d) Environmental scanning
Q9. In which point of view, planning premises can be classified into two types such as – tangible and intangible planning premises?
Answer:- (a) Quantitative measurement
Q10. We may sum up certain features such as- it is concerned with future assumptions, it shows the probability of future events and happening, it is based on past and present data analysis, it is done using statistical tools and techniques, it makes use of personal. What about these features are spoken of summing up?

Answer:- (b) Forecasting

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