NPTEL Project Management Week 8 Assignment Answers

NPTEL Project Management Week 8 Assignment Answers:- In this post, we have provided the answers to the NPTEL Project Management Week 8

NPTEL Project Management Week 8 Assignment Answers 2022

Q1. Graphical Evaluation and Review Technique, commonly known as GERT, is a network analysis technique used in project management that allows
Answer:- probabilistic treatment both network logic and estimation of activity duration.
Q2. The primary difference between PERT/CPM and GERT networks is that
Answer:- GERT has two types of nodes, deterministic and probabilistic whereas PERT/CPM has one deterministic branch (arrow).
Q3. GERT is relatively easy to use since it requires only that the project of interest be
Answer:- All of the above
Q4. In general, the GERT network is not as sensitive to activity time changes as node branching probability changes. Of course, if the project activity times are extremely cost sensitive then a slight alteration in an activity time can affect network (project) cost even though the overall network time might not be affected significantly.
Answer:- True
Q5. One of the unique capabilities available with GERT is
Answer:- the GERT model is ideal for testing trade-off situations between project time and cost.
Q6. An objective in the theory of constraints is to
Answer:- balance the flow of work by allowing the most binding constraint to set the pace for the plant.
Q7. How can we define drum, rope and the buffer in a theory of constraints system?
Answer:- Drum: sets the pace; Rope: enforces the pace; Buffer: protects the pace.
Q8. A bottleneck is where
Answer:- Both a. and b.
Q9. A bottleneck is where
Answer:- Both a. and b.
Q10. The only requirement for the use of Q-GERT is that

Answer:- input data describing the model be provided by the analyst.
Q11. Which project management technique has features such as probabilistic branching (stochastic models), network looping (feedback loops), multiple sink nodes (multiple outcomes), and multiple node realization (repeat events)?
Answer:- GERT

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