NPTEL Project Management Week 7 Assignment Answers

NPTEL Project Management Week 7 Assignment Answers:- In this post, we have provided the answers to the NPTEL Project Management Week 7

NPTEL Project Management Week 7 Assignment Answers 2022

Question number 01 to 06 is based on the following data for a given project:

You are the project manager of a project to build toilets across a district under Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. You are to build two toilets a month for 12 months. Each toilet is planned to cost S100. Your project is scheduled to last for 12 months. It is the beginning of month 10. You have built 20 toilets and your CPI is 0.9091.

Q1. How is the project performing?

Answer:- Over budget and ahead of schedule
Q2. What is the actual cost of the project right now?

Answer:- $2200
Q3. Assuming that the COST variance experienced so far in the project will continue, how much more money will it take to complete the project?

Answer:- $440
Q4. If the variance experienced so far were to stop, what is the project’s estimate at completion?
Answer:- $2600
Q5. What is the project’s TCPI using the project’s budget at completion?
Answer:- 2.0
Q6. Senior management wants to the percentage of the project that is complete. What should you report?

Answer:- 83%
Q7. Probabilistic scheduling is useful

Answer:- All of the above
Q8. Revisions to a project schedule are necessary when

Answer:- All of the above
Q9. The first step in project crashing is:
Answer:- List the crash costs for each task in the project
Q10. The crash cost data are estimates of the additional costs of:

Answer:- All of the above

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