NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 4 Assignment Answers

NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 4 Assignment Answers:- In this post, we have provided the answers to the NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 4. All the answers are provided here on the basis of data available on the internet.

NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 4 Assignment Answers 2022

Q1. Which is a strategic model of management that aims to improve the performance of an organisation by clearly defining the objectives to both the management and the employees?

  • a) Personnel management
  • b) Scientific management
  • c) Strategic management
  • d) Management by objectives
Answer:- d) Management by objectives

Q2. Who has developed five steps of management by objectives?

  • a) H. Simon
  • b) S. Freud
  • c) P. Drucker
  • d) H. Fayol
Answer:- c) P. Drucker

Q3. Which one of the followings is related to MBO in compare to MBE as dependency of one unit with others is high?

  • a) Determining the organisational objectives
  • b) Dependency of one unit with other is less
  • c) Monitoring of progress
  • d) Clarity of goals
Answer:- b) Dependency of one unit with other is less

Q4. ‘It is observed for providing enough scope to employees for having necessary training, motivation and facilities for their development’- Which principle of MBE is it?

  • a) Invite co-partnership
  • b) Development of subordinates
  • c) Delegation of authority
  • d) Hard labour and discipline
Answer:- b) Development of subordinates

Q5. Being a capitalist country, the economic and commercial organizations of this nation are mostly run with profit making ideology and accustomed to the ‘hire and fire’ style of management. Which country is referred to in the statement?

  • (a) America
  • (b) Australia
  • (c) Singapore
  • (d) New Zealand
Answer:- (a) America

Q6. Workers of which country are unlikely to question a superior even if, they are absolutely wrong because of the existing socio-cultural practice?

  • (a) America
  • (b) Japan
  • (c) India
  • (d) Hongkong
Answer:- (c) India

Q7. Which one of the independent organizational factors in 7’S Framework is meant to determine organizational process, procedures, reports, and routines and it should be the main focus for managers during organizational change?

  • (a) Strategy
  • (b) Structure
  • (c) Staff
  • (d) System
Answer:- (d) System

Q8. The management can analyze the effects of changing corporate culture, policies, strategies, structure, technology over the organization with the change of time. What type of advantages of 7’S approach is it related with?

  • (a) Setting comprehensive framework
  • (b) Analysing impact of future change
  • (c) Linking with academic research with management
  • (d) Aligning organizational process
Answer:- (b) Analysing impact of future change

Q9. It shows I am able to organize myself and offer my own ideas to any project. It’s about being the boss of mine, not the boss of a team or company. What does ‘It’ mean?

  • (a) Self-management
  • (b) Fund management
  • (c) Resource management
  • (d) Event management
Answer:- (a) Self-management

Q10. ___________is a part of believe in own self, team, work and ideas. And people will get it enhanced when managers will be seen achieving that exciting result by the way of better management of time. That the only thing they should do is to rely on managers. Fill up the blank.

  • a) Organizing
  • b) Problem solving
  • c) Confidence
  • d) Self-protection
Answer:- c) Confidence

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