NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 5 Assignment Answers

NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 5 Assignment Answers:- In this post, we have provided the answers to the NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 5. All the answers are provided here on the basis of data available on the internet.

NPTEL Principles Of Management Week 5 Assignment Answers 2022

Q1. Who has described ‘organization is the process of identifying and grouping work to be performed, defining and delegating responsibility and authority and establishing relationships for the purpose of enabling people to work most effectively together in accomplishing objectives?’

  • (a) P. Drucker
  • (b) Oliver Sheldon
  • (c) Louis Allen
  • (d) H. Simon
Answer:- (c) Louis Allen

Q2. The delegated authority and responsibility should be coordinated by the chief managerial staff. The reason is that there must be a separate and responsible person to see whether all the activities are going on to accomplish the objectives of the organization or not. Which type of function of organization does it speak of?

  • (a) Defining relationship
  • (b) Coordination of various activities
  • (c) Delegation of authority
  • (d) Allotment of duties to specified persons
Answer:- (b) Coordination of various activities

Q3. In general, how many types of organisational structure have you learnt from the lecture of this course?

  • (a) Four
  • (b) Six
  • (c) Eight
  • (d) Ten
Answer:- (a) Four

Q4. Large organizations divide some of its functions based on the specialized areas and, so, subtasks are defined in different tasks. These subtasks are distributed among individual job roles. Which type of component of organizational design and structure is it?

  • a) Span of control
  • b) Formalization
  • c) Centralization
  • d) Specialization
Answer:- d) Specialization

Q5. How many functions of coordination have you learnt from the lecture?

  • (a) 03
  • (b) 05
  • (c) 08
  • (d) 09
Answer:- (b) 05

Q6. ‘Individual interest of people become more important and works as a barrier to co-ordination’. State whether the statement is True or False.

  • (a) True
  • (b) False
Answer:- (a) True

Q7. Which type of factors effecting differentiation strategy that makes better application of technology with faster drive so that time and cost management give resultant effect?

  • (a) Valuable
  • (b) Superior
  • (c) Important
  • (d) Distinctive
Answer:- (b) Superior

Q8. Differentiation can be positive when it is done to the extreme that the consumers do not believe its credibility or they may think it as an excessive luxury’. State whether the statement is true or false.

  • (a) True
  • (b) False
Answer:- (b) False

Q9. There are three bases of differentiation strategies which include, product, price and place. Find out the odd one base from the statement.

  • (a) Profit
  • (b) Promotion
  • (c) Environment
  • (d) Organization
Answer:- (d) Organization

Q10. The promotion mix and the communication play a crucial role in the differentiation strategy. Companies rely heavily on their ————— efforts to convert the customer to their products. The promotion mix helps target the correct segment and hence plays a crucial role in differentiation strategy. Fill up the blank.

  • (a) Staffing
  • (b) Innovation and invention
  • (c) packaging
  • (d) branding
Answer:- (d) branding

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