NPTEL Project Management Week 2 Assignment Answers

NPTEL Project Management Week 2 Assignment Answers:- In this post, we have provided the answers to the Project Management Week 2

NPTEL Project Management Week 2 Assignment Answers 2022

Q1. ______________ has the prospective impact on earnings or capital from adverse business decisions, improper implementation of decisions or lack of responsiveness to industry changes.

Answer:- Strategic Risk

Q2. ______________ is connected to circumstances outside the project that may influence the scope of work and the performance of the organization.

Answer:- Contextual Risk

Q3. Which one of these is the CORRECT strategy when there is a risk in a project?

Answer:- ACCEPT Risk as it is

Q4. When the probability distribution of the results is unknown, such problem are called______________.

Answer:- Decision under uncertainty

Q5. A project manager is dealing with a venture. The first extension standard of the venture was planned at $100,000. Since work on the venture began there have been seventeen approved and affirmed changes to the venture. The progressions have an estimation of $17,000 and the cost of exploring them before their endorsement was $2,500. What is the present spending plan for the venture?

Answer:- $119,500

Q6. A project manager is dealing with a venture that has achieved the end of planning phase. The work scope has been consented to and conclusive cost gauges have been finished for the venture. The aggregate assessed cost of the venture is $100,000. It is sensible to expect that the venture won’t cost over which of the following value?

Answer:- $110,000

Q7. Your association is thinking about running a venture which will involve a speculation of $1,000,000. The item from the venture is determined to make incomes of $250,000 in the primary year after the end of the venture and of $420,000 in each of the two after years. What is valid for the net present estimation of the venture over the three years cycle at a rebate rate of 10%?

Answer:- The net present value is negative, which makes the project unattractive.

Q8. According to the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) a well-diversified portfolio’s rate of return is a function of

Answer:- Systematic risk.
Q9. The market portfolio has a beta of
Answer:- 1

Q10. Which of the following statements concerning the payback period, is not true?

Answer:- It takes account of the time value of money

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