NPTEL Project Management Week 1 Assignment Answers

NPTEL Project Management Week 1 Assignment Answers:- In this post we have provided the answers to the Project Management Week 1

NPTEL Project Management Week 1 Assignment Answers 2022

Q1. You are the project manager for a high visibility project. The margin on this project is low, and it is extremely important that the cost estimates for the work on the project be accurate. While reviewing the cost estimates for this project you notice that one of the cost estimates for an element in the WBS is 10% higher than two previous projects for very similar work. What should you do?

Answer:- Ask the person responsible for the estimate to explain the difference and bring supporting information to you
Q2. A person who is involved in or may be affected by the activities or anyone who has something to gain or lose by the activity of the project is called a:

Answer:- Stakeholder
Q3. A brief attempt embraced to make a new product or service is known as a:

Answer:- Project
Q4. A project manager makes a narrative description of the work that must be done for her project. This is called:

Answer:- Statement of work
Q5. A project manager is employed by a construction and development organization and is in charge of the outfitting of the finished building. One of the primary things that the project manager for this venture ought to do is to compose a:

Answer:- Project charter
Q6. Amid the life of a venture, the venture will experience a few stages – initiating, planning, execution, and closeout. Which period of the venture is probably going to have the greatest amount of its financing spent?

Answer:- Executing
Q7. The coordinated undertaking of interrelated activities directed toward a specific goal that has finite period of performance is a:

Answer:- Project
Q8. The document that is proof of upper management’s commitment to the project and gives the authority to manage the project to the project manager is called:

Answer:- The project charter
Q9. A venture is proposed to a client. Price and schedule for conveyance are settled upon. The work breakdown structure is consented to too. The client asks for that one of the points of reference of the venture be finished by a specific date. The venture calendar is looked into, and it is found that the normal culmination date for this point of reference is impressively prior that the date asked for by the client. The date for this milestone is which of the following?

Answer:- Constraint
Q10. The scrum approach began with agile software development as professionals searched for approaches to:

Answer:- Enhance Communication

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