Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 8 Answers 2021

Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 8 Answers 2021:-In this post we have provided the answers to the Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 8 of 2021.

NPTEL Marketing Research And Analysis Assignment 8 Answers 2021

Q1. A research report should be-
Answer:- Concise, avoiding unnecessary explanations and anomalies

Q2. Adherence to Ethical practices in marketing research publications-

Answer:- All except (a)

Q3. While preparing a research report, list of abbreviations ________

Answer:- Should be added to make the readers understand the report better

Q4. Which of the following refers to the class of procedures used to represent perceptions or preferences of consumers through a spatial map?

Answer:- Multi-Dimensional Scaling

Q5. Consider the following statements. Which of the following is true about Conjoint Analysis?

Answer:- Both a & b are true

Q6. Which among the following is/are most vulnerable to compromise in research ethics?

               A. Identifying research variables
               B. Defining research variables
               C. Data collection
               D. Reporting Research Outcomes
Answer:- C & D only
Q7. You plagiarized someone’s work and you’re caught, what’s the likely consequence?
Answer:- All of the above

Q8. In Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS), if the distance between the original and the perceived value is more, that is, if the stress value is more it implies______________.

Answer:- Poorer fit

Q9. In the wake of growing competition to eliminate unnecessary attribute combinations and to focus on the most desirable ones, a company wishes to know what attributes of a brand/product are most preferred by consumers. Which of the following will be useful in the given situation?

Answer:- Conjoint Analysis

Q10. The executive summary should concisely describe all EXCEPT-

Answer:- Detailed Statistical Tests

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